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Custom bathroom vanities

Create exactly what you need for your clients. Partner with a manufacturer that offers a wide range of design options, materials and colours for your bathroom vanities. The possibilities for what we can create together are endless.

Simplify your supplier list

Avoid having manage multiple suppliers. We can manufacture kitchen, bathroom and wardrobe cabinetry along with detailed joinery. One order. One invoice. One delivery.

Quality you can trust

Deliver the best to your clients the first time. Our stringent quality assurance systems mean that every item that leaves the Craftmark warehouse is exactly what you ordered.

Design exactly what your client wants

Don't work with limitations. Our bathroom vanity range can be custom designed to fit any space - unlike off the shelf solutions.

High quality vanities using the best material
With approximately 900N, the connection fittings we use have more clamping force with a higher tensile strength than standard systems to create stable connections.

Why choose Craftmark for custom bathroom vanities?

Our expert cabinet makers craft bathroom vanities from local, Australian materials using the latest technology and machinery. Our vanities include:
Custom made vanities with endless options for size, shape, space, colour or functionality as well as options for structural wall mounting.
Built with moisture resistant boards and all exposed edges are sealed - even the ones you don't see - to protect from water damage
Match the interior joinery to the bathroom vanity colour to give your client consistency through their home
Fully assembled cabinetry manufactured in our Sydney facility
10 year manufacturer's warranty and in house maintenance team
Each order comes with a full set of cad drawings make it easy for your site install

You design.

We create.

Working together, we can help you deliver the best products for your customers.